Beaver Templates

Beaver Templates

Beaver Templates is your one-stop shop for building beautiful WordPress websites! Beaver Templates is a product of Some Web Studio, and we wanted a marketplace that brings together everything web design from templates to full websites. Our Beaver Builder templates make it easy for anyone to build a website! Our primary goal is to provide an easy way for creative WordPress developers to iterate beautifully.

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Beaver Builder templates

We provide high-quality, responsive templates for all your Beaver Builder needs. We take pride in our work to ensure we deliver top-notch templates right out of the box!

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Save Time

Our templates are ready to import into your website. Theme-independent templates help you get started faster!

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Save Money

Instead of hiring a developer, our Beaver Builder template solution can help you save money on custom designs that are easy to use!

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All Beaver Template layouts are conversion-ready and include lead capture form capabilities to make it easy for you to integrate into your CRM!

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3rd Party Support

Our templates are 3rd-party plugin friendly and can be used alongside other plugins such as Beaver Themer, PowerPack, and Ultimate Addons!

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100+ Templates

Beaver Templates is a high-quality collection of Beaver Builder templates with over 70 mobile-friendly and conversion-ready landing page templates to choose from!

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We provide detailed tutorials on how to setup your website using the tools we build sites with. You can start learning today for FREE!

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Creative designs ready for you to import

We provide the right tools, tutorials, and templates to get you on the right track today! You can sign up, download your Beaver Builder templates, and follow our guided tutorials on setting up your very first website!

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